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Didn’t you wear that yesterday?

Our family is kind of big, and I find that my kids will wear the same clothes day after day after day after day after………

It’s difficult to keep up with everyone and remember what they wore the previous day so from time to time we institute what I call “cycling” (as in cycling through their clothes).  Here are two ideas that I came up with, the first one I have done and the second one we are trying out now.


1) arrange their clothes in outfits and then put then in this arrangement into their clothing drawers and I tell them to cycling through their clothing, wearing this outfit one day, and the next in line the next day. This works well except for when some clothes experience more wear and tear and say a pair of pants will have to match with two shirts so we can’t put them in outfits. When this happens, I came up with the idea:

2)Have them to draw pictures of their clothes (nice, fun kid activity). Then, put the pictures under the days of the week on the wall. Then we assign the wearing of a certain shirt for a particular day and they can look at the picture to see what to wear that day and I can quickly look at it to see that they do not have the same clothes on….. 


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