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Islamic Studies Checklists Continued – Quraan



Next in the series, some possible Quraan goals:


* Can explain what the Quraan is and why it was revealed

* Knows who the Quraan was revealed to

* Has a basic understanding of how the Quraan was revealed

* Understands that the Quraan is written in a language called Arabic

* Knows the number of Surahs in the Quraan

* Knows the number of Juz in the Quraan

* Knows how the Juz get their names

* Knows what a hizb of the Quraan is and how many there are

* Can find any given surah in the Quraan

* Knows the name/number of each surah in the Quraan

* Knows what an ayaat is and can identify one in the Quraan

* Understands that each surah is made up of ayaat

* Can identify how many ayaat a surah has

* Can identify where a surah begins and ends in the mushaf

* Knows how to hangle a mushaf of the Quraan

* Knows to have wudhu when touching the Quraan

* Knows to recite the istiadah before reciting Quraan and why

* Knows that the basmalah is recited before each surah except Surah Tawbah

* Has memorized some/all surahs of the Quraan with the rules of Tajweed

* Understands what Tajweed means

* Knows the basic meaning of the surahs that have been memorized

* Knows individual words/phrases of the surahs memorized

* Can write surahs/ayaat that have been memorized, without looking

* Knows what Tafsir of the Quraan is and has read/been read tafsir for memorized surahs

* Can read the Quraan in Arabic (memorized and unmemorized surahs)

* Can recite memorized surahs with Tajweed

* Knows when to make sajdah for Quraan recitation and what to say


In sha Allah, once my series of checklists  is complete, they’ll all be in PDF/word form.

TJ can help with some of these objectives, in sha Allah!  For younger students:


Can you think of others to add to the list? 


In “Essential Lessons for Muslims,” I believe it lists that it is important to learn at least Surahs 99-114 (and Fatihah of course).  Of course memorization of the whole Quraan is the ultimate goal, but if you struggle in that area then this may at least be a smaller goal to work toward in the beginning.

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