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Grammar Lesson: Showing Possession (& Making Learning Fun)

Whenever possible, make your lessons more personal and engaging by using examples that are personal to your student. 

We recently did a lesson on how to show possession (in writing). I added objects and people that were familiar to my students.


Showing Possession Lesson Plan

1.       Get an object that belongs to someone in your house (that is not in the room).

2.       Show it to student and say this ___________ belongs to ___________.



3.       Tell student that to say this belongs to _____________, we say ____________’s _______.



4.       On the board write  (name)           (object)


5.       Now, add “  ‘s   ” to the name above.  Say it (apostrophe s) while you point.

6.       Say: “To show that something belongs to someone, we add   ‘s    after their name. (When you say ‘s, write it at the same time on the board. Point out that the     is an “apostrophe.”

7.       Write the names of several friends or family members on the board. After each name, write the name of an object. Go back and add ‘s after each person’s name and say name’s object. (You may want to prepare this ahead of time so that you don’t have to think off the top of your head).

8.       “On your own” – Have student go around each person’s room in the house (if he/she has permission to) and find 1-3 objects that belong to that person.  Have student write  “name’s object, “ for each one.  Review student’s findings and make sure that ‘s has been used correctly.

9.       End by asking student how we show possession (that something belongs to someone)? Answer: We add apostrophe s to the end of the person’s name.


Not only have we made this lesson more personal, but we have made it more interesting, insha Allah, than a typical grammar textbook lesson. My kids liked getting up and going around looking for objects.  



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Here are some activities that I put together for noun review. It goes over proper nouns, common nouns, concrete nouns, collective nouns and abstract nouns. Its probably good for 6th grade and up, insha Allah. Includes an answer key.



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