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Salat skills checklist


Helpful, in sha Allah, for review or for curriculum building……………………….

1. Knows the number of waajib (obligator prayers) in one day

2. Knows the names of all 5 waajib prayers

3. Knows the names of all five wajib prayers in order

4. Can tell which salat is in at a given time of day (e.g. early afternoon- Dhuhr; late afternoon-Asr)

5. Knows how many rakah are in each waajib prayer

6. Knows which prayers are aloud and which are quiet

7. Knows the nine conditions of prayer

8. Knows the number of rakah in each prayer

9. Knows the names of the prayer positions

10. Knows the reason the adhaan is called

11. Knows to and how to respond to the adhaan

12. Knows to make duaa between the adhaan and the iqama

13. Knows how to make tahiyyatul masjid

14. Knows duaa for entering masjid

15. Knows duaa for leaving masjid

16. Knows what the qiblah for Muslims is

17. Knows the qiblah in house/classroom

18. Knows what a sutrah is; that prayer does not count without a sutrah and what things can be used for a sutrah

19. Knows that wudhu is necessary before one can pray

20. Knows the steps of wudhu and can perform them

21. Knows what breaks ones wudhu

22. Knows that excessive water should not be used to make wudhu

23. Knows the duaa to say after wudhu is made

24. Knows how to open the prayer with takbeer (what it means, how to open)

25. Knows where to look after making takbeer

26. Knows where to place hands after takbeer

27. Knows an opening duaa; knows what it means; that an opening duaa is necessary

28. Can name four things that break the prayer

29. Knows the etiquette for praying in shoes

30. Knows that prayer can be performed sitting down or lying down but that both count as less

31. Can recite fatihah

32. Can recite at least one other surah besides fatihah

33. Knows how to make takbeer in between positions

34. Knows how to make rukoo properly

35. Knows what to say in rukoo (and what it means)

36. Knows what to say upon coming up from rukoo (and what it means)

37. Knows how to make sujood properly (what should be touching ground)

38. Knows what to say in sujood (and what it means)

39. Knows how to sit in juloos position

40. Knows what to say inbetween sujood

41. Knows what constitutes one rakah

42. Knows how to join in the prayer after it has started (when others are praying)

43. Knows that missed salah must be made up

44. Knows how to make up for error in salaat when something has been omitted

45. Knows how to make up for error in salaat when something has been increased

46. Knows how to make tashahud

47. Knows what tashahud means

48. Knows how to send salaah upon the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam)

49. Knows how to seek refuge from 4 things before tasleem

50. Know a supplication before tasleem

51. Knows how to make tasleem

52. Knows how to make dhikr after prayer (including reciting Quraan and duaas for specific prayers)

53. Knows what to do when the imam makes an error while praying

54. Knows what to do if someone tries to get between self and sutrah

55. Knows how to pray salatul fajr

56. Knows how to pray salatul dhuhr

57. Knows how to pray salatul asr

58. Knows how to pray salatul maghrib

59. Knows how to pray salatul isha

60. Knows how to pray in the masjid

61. Knows how to pray at home

62. Knows how to pray wherever you are (and if you can’t determine prayer direction from sun)

63. Knows that prayer cannot be made when one (a female) is menstruating

64. Knows what must be done to return to prayer after menstruating

65. Knows some surahs the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) recited in various prayers



Do you have any more to add?

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