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Time to Switch Gears?

Getting frustrated (you or your child) with the current concept/topic you are working on from your textbook or purchased curriculum?

Maybe its time to take a break and move onto something else.

Unless you are in a program that requires accountability to an outside entity, just stop!

Move onto something else in the book.  Of course some topics, say in a math book, build upon one another so you have can’t totally jump around in the book, but if the current topic is causing you to butt heads with your child, make him (or you) cry or want to tear your hair out, move onto something else. 

My 10 year old is just not a textbook person, but we use a textbook for math.  Its hard to get him to sit down and do something. Then add to that a difficult to grasp concept and you can just about forget getting anything accomplished.

My 13 year old daughter sat down with him seemingly out of of the blue showed him how to add fractions with the same denominator.  I had pages of those types of problems lying around (they were his older brother’s) and HE asked me if he could do the page. Now of course I was NOT going to say no.  So today, I asked him if he wanted to do fractions and he said YES! Alhamdulillah. So although with some distractions and periodically running out of the room (by him, not me) we got through two lessons. 

So the trick is to find something interesting. Now of course we have to go back and cover the materials that we veered away from, but instead of just letting days, weeks, months, go by, without doing anything, or doing very little, we are still on track, but just not the preprogrammed track of the book.

And that’s ok, at least there is still learning going on.  Just because the writers of the textbook put it in THAT order, doesn’t mean its the only correct order……


And of course if you just have to follow the program as prescribed, look for ways to bring the real world or just plain fun into them…..check earlier and future  Making Learning Fun posts for ideas, insha Allah

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