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Suratun Naas Unit Study

This is a unit study that I put together for my older kids a few years back, we are just now starting to use it, lol.  I wrote it, as I said, for my older kids, but included activities to scale it down, to a degree, for younger kids. It might even be useful for adults as there is a word/phrase for phrase breakdown table.

Qur’aanic Study/Memorization/Review

Arabic Language Study

English Language Study

Here’s the table of contents: (Don’t click on the links in the TOC, they are from a word document) .  (DOC format) To download the document, please click here: quraan-naas

A. The Text of the Surah. 2

B. Quraanic Study. 3

A. Guiding Questions: 3

B. Memorization/Review.. 3

C. Meaning. 4

C. Language Study-English. 6

I.      Vocabulary Building/Review.. 6

II.     Word Study: arch-, part-, matr-. 6

III.   Grammar: Prepositions. 8

Prepositions, Object of Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases. 8

IV. Writing: Editorials. 10

D. Language Study-Arabic.

I hope to eventually continue with Suratul Falaq and work backwards through Juz Amma, but we’ll see……

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